See it in action

ND Crusher’s compact design can reach anywhere the loader can—indoors or out— without a separate power source. Imagine the crushing possibilities.

  • ND Crushers process concrete floors, cinder blocks, bricks and more – on site
  • Crush and place landscape and drainage stone without hauling
  • Profitably crush – reducing the time and expense of disposal

Simply scoop, crush, and repeat. Quick-couple the hydraulics with any loader or excavator and you are ready to crush rock. Modeled after mining equipment, ND Crushers withstand the most demanding jobs.



Construction Business Owner
Years ago I purchased one of your early model skid steer crushers and it is still in use when the demolition project is in confined spaces. Concrete jobs like Chicago sidewalk demolition and brick from stack demolition are made easy with the versatile little crusher. On numerous other jobs I have reduced permitting requirements for street access and dumpster loading. On other jobs I have reduced and sometimes eliminated haulage by reusing crushed materials. Thank you for the opportunity to field test the NDC primary crusher prototype. I look forward to the introduction of this larger crusher for loaders and excavators next spring.

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