See it in action

ND Crusher’s compact design can reach anywhere the loader can—indoors or out— without a separate power source. Imagine the crushing possibilities.

  • ND Crushers process concrete floors, cinder blocks, bricks and more – on site
  • Crush and place landscape and drainage stone without hauling
  • Profitably crush – reducing the time and expense of disposal

Simply scoop, crush, and repeat. Quick-couple the hydraulics with any loader or excavator and you are ready to crush rock. Modeled after mining equipment, ND Crushers withstand the most demanding jobs.



Mining Project Manager
In the tight quarters, we need to move spalled rock from around the pillars in order to bolt and screen them for strength and safety. Instead of wasting that rock, we crushed it on the spot and used it for leveling the site before we poured the concrete foundations. That little crusher was simple and reliable and just the ticket for use with a skid-steer. It was very efficient to have the same operator producing his own fill while he prepared the site.

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